What's your photographic style?

My style can be defined as ``photojournalistic``: a story of images of your day during which he will be busy capturing the essence, the details, the emotions and the most pleasant moments, with an accurate and discreet presence.

Will you be present for the entire duration of the ceremony

Obviously yes, because I have always chosen to dedicate myself to one ceremony at a time. I don't want to miss any of your moments that could be the most beautiful, the most important.

Who will choose the photographs?

The choice of images is part of my duties. Obviously it will be possible to decide together how to compose the album.

Will the shots not chosen to compose the album be delivered anyway

Of course yes! I will give the bride and groom a copy of all the shots of the whole day in digital format, so they can share them with friends, for example.

What style and duration will the video have?

The video looks like a real movie in perfect cinematic style with a maximum duration of about 30 minutes.

What are the delivery times?

I conduct meticulous and in-depth work on all the material produced during your wedding day. Attention to detail is the reason why they can vary between 3 and 5 months.

When and how to book?

It is advisable to book 6/12 months in advance of your wedding date in order not to risk being already engaged with other spouses. However, do not hesitate to contact me even if your wedding is imminent. The date of the event can be communicated by telephone and then set an appointment at the headquarters in Via Arturo De Felice 2 A / B, Salerno (SA).

What kind of album to choose

I propose different types of albums: “Photo book” “Classic” “Fine Art” The “Photo book” represents a modern choice; the album is a synergy between graphics and photography, printed and bound like a real book; The ``Classic``, on the other hand, is chosen by those who love leafing through the scrapbook, enhancing every single image The ``Fine Art`` contains loose prints made on 100% pure cotton paper, printed by me and packaged in an artisanal box so that they can be appreciated at any time as a real work of art. Free to choose the one that best represents you.

How many photos will make up the album

It depends on the type of album chosen: whoever chooses the “Classic” album will receive 130 prints; while the album will contain about 200 images; finally, the number of prints contained in the `` Fine Art `` will be agreed together.

What will we have to donate to our families

Together with the album, two mini albums will be delivered for their respective families.

Is it possible to choose the background music of the video

Yes, of course, the spouses will also have this possibility.'

Do you have particular requests to make to the spouses on that day

Absolutely not! I always say that the most important thing is to live that day in full naturalness, letting yourself be involved in every emotion and fun.

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