Sara e Antonio

Villa Soglia, Castel San Giorgio

Antonino’s photos are a perfect balance of lights, perspectives, chromatic games, spontaneity, sweetness. This transforms his photos into art, because each photo evokes a moment that seems to be even more intense than the one experienced.

Yesterday we looked curiously at all your photos, many of the ones we would like to frame, a truly spectacular work. Thanks for your professionalism, friendship, for making us entertain and excite. We couldn’t have wished for more!

Carmen e Giovanni

Villa Rizzo, San Cipriano, Salerno

Antonino is a very good professional. His photos are beautiful both for the composition and for the colors. He was able to create a wonderful story of our marriage. Both my husband and I are happy with our choice.

Fabiana e Fabio

Hotel Raito, Vietri Sul Mare, Costiera Amalfitana

Looking at a photograph you have to relive for a moment, you have to feel an emotion inside you even stronger than the one you were experiencing when it was taken. Because in that rectangle in front of you, even more so if in black and white, you see time stopped, blocked, composed and you have the opportunity to smell the joy that that moment contains. Not the usual usual photos, we wanted the album of our wedding to be a collection of moments that perhaps, on the spot, we got lost, of sensations that not even live we were able to steal, due to the inevitable excitement of the moment. Antonino Sellitti was able to be the undisputed author of this magic by creating exactly what we wanted, but not because someone told him how to do it, because his way of reading spontaneity, interpreting emotions, telling them and presenting them to those directly involved. it is simply UNIQUE. We believe that, never as in this profession, the final work is also a bit of a representation of oneself and that is why we thank the brilliant professional hidden behind the lens, but also the man, today a friend, for making, thanks to his unmistakable style, the emotions of that ETERNAL day.
In short, when you go to him, do not waste time explaining what to do … he will go far beyond what you imagine.

Concetta e Antonio

Villa Divina, Vietri Sul Mare, Costiera Amalfitana

Friendship, talent, professionalism, empathy, sensitivity… in one word: Antonino Sellitti. Thank you for making our most beautiful day unique with your art.

Matilde e Raffaele

Capo D’Orso, Maiori, Costiera Amalfitana

Ever since Raffaele and I entered his photographic studio for the first time, we immediately perceived his professionalism, his fine and elegant taste, the spontaneity and naturalness of his shots. It didn’t take us long to realize that Antonino was the best choice for our wedding. Not being used to being the center of attention, discretion during the event was a very important parameter and we must admit that Antonino is the friend / professional who with extreme patience and delicacy managed to always be present without ever being intrusive, able to always make us feel at ease, removing the tension of the moment. It is necessary to rely on Antonino and his staff without wasting much time explaining what and how to do, they will be able to manage the timing of the event and establish a relationship of complicity with the spouses. Thanks Antonino for being the author of our most beautiful day.

Christel e Cristiano

Savoy Beach hotel, Paestum, Costiera Cilentana

Het album en de film van de bruiloft zijn prachtig. Antonino Sellitti is een geweldig persoon. Hij zorgt ervoor dat je, je comfortabel voelt tijdens de fotoshoot. Hij is een fotograaf die altijd probeert om de mooiste en meest spontane momenten te fotograferen. Met zijn camera creëert hij een tastbare magie die je ememies laat herleven. Hartelijk dank Antonino Sellitti.The wedding album and film are great. Antonino Sellitti is a wonderful person. During photo shoots it makes you feel at ease. He is a photographer who always tries to photograph the most beautiful and spontaneous moments. With his camera he creates a tangible magic that revives the emotions experienced. Heartfelt thanks Antonino Sellitti.

Carmen e Fabrizio

Savoy Beach hotel, Paestum, Costiera Cilentana

We chose you from the first moment we saw your photographs Actually, we had already been observing your works for a few years, and Fabrizio and I already knew that the day we got married, you would be our photographer There is something in your photos that makes everything magical, when we look at them it is as if we were transported to another reality the emotion of those moments and the stories you tell through your shots are full of spontaneity and real life! Sobriety, finesse and good taste are fundamental elements in your works, something that is strongly evident even when you enter your studio. I admit, I think I was a little “difficult” bride The emotion and anxiety of those moments took over me, I was very tense and perhaps not used to the goal, but you with your professionalism and sweetness, you were able to meet me staying in my / our times, looking for to make the atmosphere pleasant and relaxing and put me at ease You are of a crazy discretion, and this is a characteristic only of great photographers and good people At some point during lunch, caught in the whirlwind of celebrations, music etc. but in reality you were always there, together with your talented collaborator, ready to capture every relevant moment of the day or to call me when I least expected it to take some sudden and completely spontaneous photos
Dear Antonino, we could not have made a better choice. We believe you are the best as a professional but also as a person We haven’t seen the final photos yet but we are sure they will be beautiful In the meantime we can only thank you for having participated in our wedding, contributing with your precious work to immortalize the images of the most important day of our life. Thank you with all my heart.

Sara e Antonio

Le Nereidi, Amalfi, Costiera Amalfitana

Antonino grazieeee for the splendid work done, everything exactly as we wanted it the photos are romantic, simple, not set and that tell emotions reviewing the photos and the video after months made us relive the emotions of that day, the day most beautiful of our life, made this way also for your professionalism because that day was just full of joy, fun and very strong emotions. You were able to take wonderful photos without ever asking us for them, you didn’t “stress” us at all, neither to us nor to the guests to immortalize the most important moments because your skill is just that, knowing how to tell feelings through photographs We thank you not only for all this but also because we shared these moments with an exceptional, discreet, simple and always smiling person exactly like us. Thanks again…

Angela Maria e Pasquale

Costa Diva, Praiano, Costiera Amalfitana

Antonino is a special person like few others, a qualified professional, extremely helpful and highly inventive, he is the best choice for those looking for the spontaneity of a moment in their photos, a refined detail that encloses the beauty of the event and a silent, polite team. and discreet.

Federica e Angelo

Capo D’Orso, Maiori, Costiera Amalfitana

To call absolutely Many Antoninos had recommended me and I did more than well to trust the advice. Antonino is an attentive and discreet person and knows how to put the bride and groom at ease.I haven’t seen the final photos yet, but I’m sure they will be great things.

Maria Giovanna e Giuseppe

Villa Divina, Vietri Sul Mare, Costiera Amalfitana

Professionalism and passion for one’s work are the main characteristics surrounded by sympathy and the ability to make you feel at ease, removing the tension that is inevitable on your wedding day. The beauty of the photos and the video fully tell the joy and emotion that accompanied us on that day, knowing how to capture every perfect moment with skill and on tiptoe Thank you with all my heart

Alessia e Alberto

Hotel Santa Caterina, Amalfi, Costiera Amalfitana

I had the pleasure of having Antonino as a photographer for my wedding. He was the 4th professional I met, but I immediately had no doubts that I was faced with the best choice. On the one hand, his studio in the center of Salerno immediately suggests his style and taste for beauty (his desk tells more than many photos), on the other hand his friendliness and simplicity makes you feel immediately at home. Not a small detail for those who organize the wedding is the price (excellent in my opinion) On the pitch he immediately demonstrates his young and dynamic spirit, always with a smile and a look ready to instill in you the calm of those who are fully aware of what they are doing and how to do it best. 600 beautiful specimens – from wou effect – of which honestly at least about twenty I would like to print and hang as a blow-up for the house, and not because I have a huge ego, but because they have something more to tell, in the places, in the people around , in the light, in their dynamism .. And here I stop because I am not a photographic critic. But if I had no doubts about the photos, his site and web pages tell a lot about its quality, the video really stunned me. He manages to elegantly complete the story of the whole day. I can only give you the same advice that I received in the search for the photographer: contact Antonino without doubts.

Anna e Gianluca

Tenuta dei Normanni, Salerno

The wedding day is a very special day, it is a day in which millions of emotions explode inside you and in which all the scaffolding you have tried to sew on you fall down.
The photographer on that day is not only a witness and narrator of an important event, but he becomes the keeper of this fragility, of these emotions. I think it takes great sensitivity and delicacy to be able to create a story of all this and these are qualities that Antonino undoubtedly has. With his silent presence, his simplicity, the attention to detail, the absence of artifice he manages, through his true and natural shots and his wonderful videos, to evoke all the tensions, joy and emotions of that day. It manages to capture your soul and it is almost as if you are seeing it for the first time. If I had to find a synthetic way to describe Antonino I would say without a doubt that he is the “photographer of the soul” Thank you very much for your wonderful work and for the passion with which you do it.

Veronica e Pietro

La Crestarella, Vietri Sul Mare, Costiera Amalfitana

Unique emotions that you Antonino Sellitti have been able to crystallize perfectly. Every time I see the photos I feel like I am reliving that day to the full and perhaps even more, discovering ever new details. Thanks

Roberta e Jader

Belvedere Principessa di Piemonte, Ravello, Costiera Amalfitana

Antonino is a great photographer, one of those who does not stand out, who portrays the most beautiful moments in a simple and discreet way. Photos full of spontaneity and emotion which is exactly what I was looking for in a photographer and in a professional of his level. I thank Antonino for his contribution to making our day the most beautiful of our life.

Katia e Ezio

Tana di Volpe, Paestum, Costiera Cilentana

Antonino you are a great professional, as well as a beautiful person Those who take care of immortalizing the most important day in people’s lives should have a strong sensitivity to get in tune with the spouses and interpret their character. You, dear Antonino, were absolutely up to the task Thank you very much for everything.

Roberta e Alessandro

Capo D’Orso, Maiori, Costiera Amalfitana

Thanks to Antonino who made us relive the emotions of the most beautiful day with his professionalism he allowed us to make wonderful memories indelible

Bianca Maria e Silvio

Torre La Cerniola, Erchie, Costiera Amalfitana

Antonino was the top at our wedding always present in all significant moments, and his work has given the fruits we expected making us relive the beautiful emotions of that day in every single shot thanks!

Simona e Fabio

Tenuta Dei Normanni, Salerno

When you imagine your wedding day, you happen to have an idea in your head and sometimes the fear is that reality may not be up to it. I, on the other hand, from the first meeting with Antonino I was sure that reality would exceed fantasy and so it was! Empathy, this is what immediately comes to mind when thinking about his photographic approach, as well as discretion, professionalism, creativity and sobriety. He can read your mood and be able to grasp it perfectly and this in every single shot. There is no monotony or artifice, you see yourself in the photos and in the video after a few months and it is you, in this case we, Luca and Simona, with the emotions of that day and if after the tenth time you look at everything you are still moved well, it means that it’s all absolutely thrilling, engaging, beyond any image you had before. For all this a review or a simple thank you are not enough dear Antonino You are a beautiful person and a great professional! I will never forget your easy way to make us comfortable and your great patience at home when everyone was anxious except me and you! THANK YOU SO MUCH ! A hug from me and Luca.

Elena e Dario

Torre La Cerniola, Maiori, Costiera Amalfitana

Your skill, your attention to detail, the passion you transmit with what you do are priceless. The thing that makes you truly unique for me is your empathy, your ability to penetrate the emotions of those you capture in your shots… it’s a special quality and it’s your true gift. I would always choose you, a thousand times over. Heartfelt thanks Antonino Sellitti

Debora e Carlo

Palazzo Suriano, Vietri sul Mare, Costiera Amalfitana

Antonino’s style is unique and I realized it even before deciding the date of my wedding. The skill in capturing unrepeatable moments and the natural simplicity of how I like the shots, the colors, the lights, the looks make her work superlative in every little detail. Thank you so much for everything and for who you are. Few are left who know how to tell the unique emotions one feels in the most important moments of one’s life with a photograph. You are a pearl. Carlo and Deborah.

Emilia e Carlo

Oleandri Resort, Paestum, Costiera Cilentana

Dearest Antonino, once again we thank you for the wonderful Christmas gift you have given us. The wait has been fully rewarded by your skill in knowing how to capture moments that other observers, including ourselves, escape with a professionalism, a delicacy, a naturalness, a discretion that only a Master, an ARTIST has and you you are for us, in addition to being a great professional, you have become a friend, and this is the fruit of the love that you imprint in everything you do you create . We will never stop thanking you for allowing us to relive all the emotions and the memories of “that” day through your photos and videos… your art… With love Emilia and Carlomaria.

Aruna e Giovanni

Hotel Cetus, Vietri sul Mare, Costiera Amalfitana

Dear Antonino, we are writing this message to you after looking at our photo album. It was very exciting to relive in a short time a series of many moments of great happiness so wisely immortalized by the images. We thank you, all the people, places and objects present that day, promising everyone that we will keep the happiness that all together have been able to give us in a corner of our hearts. We also thank you for the delicacy with which you managed to share with us these moments of intimacy of which you will be the guardian with us.At the next happy moments Giovanni and Haruna

Concetta e Michelangelo

Il Gabbiano, Bacoli, Napoli

“The moment is one as the truth With this sentence I got to know Antonino’s art It encompasses all his world and his way of working! A “third eye” on the set of the most beautiful day that does not miss the details and emotions, it almost seems to be in your thoughts. His images are not external but enter inside, inside the fleeting moment that he certainly does not know how to escape! The best days deserve sobriety and delicacy, professionalism and discretion, they deserve your lens because certainly the essential is invisible to the eye … but not to your camera! With immense affection and esteem, Concetta.

Alessia e Marco

Paestum, Costiera Cilentana

Expectation amply rewarded by the thrill of reliving that fantastic day in all its facets thanks to the beautiful photos of Antonino Never intrusive yet always present! The album and the video tell everything perfectly !!! An artist and above all a very good person, always available, polite and smiling! Thanks for everything from Ale and Marco.

Sara e Andrea

Villa Pietra Bianca, Avellino

You don’t just take a photograph with a camera. You put in the photograph all the images you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have heard, and the people you have loved. It is with this quote from a famous photographer that we express all our gratitude. Thanks to your photos we relived the emotions of that day, you were able to capture details that we did not imagine. Thanks artist!

Lina e Giuseppe

Hotel Due Torri, Maiori, Costiera Amalfitana

His photos not only tell more they excite with simplicity and excellent professionalism he manages to capture the most beautiful moments. No poses or various artifacts … just exciting memories in his works.Sincere congratulations!

Ida e Gennaro

Hotel Royal, Paestum, Costiera Cilentana

You captured all the emotions, and we found them in a book and a video. Without poses, without artifacts, only spontaneity and transparency. Everything we wanted… THANK YOU!

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