Amalfi Coast Wedding Venues

Amalfi Coast wedding venues

Many couples ask me for recommendations for the Amalfi Coast Wedding Venues, and we are happy to offer them some tips and guidance. I photograph weddings in the Amalfi Coast, Ravello, Positano, and Capri. I frequently consult with hotel directors and managers, so I feel like sharing my preferences to assist you in selecting the best Amalfi Coast wedding venue.

The duties and responsibilities of a wedding photographer are incredibly extensive. My ability to work with a great team at a wedding will also have a positive effect on the pictures. Although there are many Amalfi wedding venues, we can finally direct your choice toward a few of the best ones based on your experience. Choosing a dependable vendor for your Amalfi Coast wedding in Italy requires careful consideration. Our knowledge of the subject is essential for navigating this brief but incredible journey.

The duties and responsibilities of a wedding photographer are incredibly extensive. During a wedding, when I work with a great team, the pictures will benefit as well. Even though there are many Amalfi wedding venues, we can finally direct your choice toward a few of the best ones based on your experience. Choosing a dependable vendor for your Amalfi Coast wedding in Italy requires careful consideration. The key to advancing this little is to use our knowledge of the subject.

8 Best Amalfi Coast Wedding Venues in Italy

As an Amalfi Coast wedding photographer, I can attest to the beauty of the entire region. We didn’t just choose our Amalfi Coast locations for their ability to host destination weddings. One of the best examples of traditional Italian interior design, Mediterranean architecture, and Amalfi Coast local villas can all be found in Rooms. Most of the rooms must be incredibly bright and have stunning views.

You need to find a cozy, private space inside of them as if that’s where you’ll also get dressed, and even my photography work will be highly valued. Your dream wedding in Amalfi will go above and beyond all of your expectations. Instances on the Amalfi Coast include:

1 – Positano – Picturesque and romantic

Positano is one of the Amalfi Coast’s jewels. A tiny village perched on a hill with winding staircases leading up and down to colorful homes, sheer cliffs, fragrant lemon trees, and bougainvillea. You can experience the true Mediterranean spirit, colors, and smell in Positano’s small lanes. You can find some of the most upscale and exclusive stores and boutiques in Positano. When you get to the beach and see the enchanted blue of the deep sea, you’ll know you’ve found a special place. Positano is the place to be if you’re looking for a festive atmosphere for your wedding.

2 – Hotel Marincanto – Nestled in the heart of Positano

The Hotel Marincanto is a cozy, lovely, and welcoming hotel located in the center of Positano. Grace Kelly and Jackie Kennedy, among many other famous people, loved the hotel’s “Dolce Vita” atmosphere. The hotel, which was formerly used as a filming location, has remained authentic and unaltered since 1967 and can accommodate intimate weddings for up to 50 guests. They offer a range of packages, from straightforward canapés to a full fine dining sit-down dinner.

3 – Villa Treville- Perfect venue for unique and stylish wedding

In the heart of the Amalfi Coast, Villa Treville is a five-star luxury hotel perched on a cliff overlooking Positano. It has opulent rooms and suites with views of the Tyrrhenian Sea and is made up of 4 separate buildings on a 2-hectare estate. Despite the villa’s location on a cliff, there is still direct access to the beach via an elevator carved out of the rock or by following the trails that have been marked.

4 – Ravello

What can be said about the lovely and sophisticated Ravello? This tiny town on the Amalfi Coast retains its charm despite being known throughout the world for its exclusive classical music performances. Villa Rufolo and Villa Cimbrone, two of the most magnificent homes in all of Italy and the world, are among their well-known landmarks. Both villas feature historic sites and fantastic Mediterranean gardens. One of the happiest days of your life will undoubtedly be the day you get married in Ravello.

5 – Belmond Hotel Caruso- Refined and luxurious location

Belmond Hotel Caruso is another well-liked location for weddings and celebrations in Ravello thanks to its historical frescoes, expansive views of the Amali Coast, and delectable Italian cuisine. Despite being from the 11th century, this palace has been expertly restored to offer a blend of contemporary luxury and mediaeval artwork.

6 – Villa Cimbrone- Romantic Location

One of Ravello’s and the entire Amalfi Coast’s most prestigious and picturesque structures is Villa Cimbrone. This opulent and exclusive villa is made up of a historic structure perched on a rocky outcropping in Ravello with views of the Amalfi Coast and is encircled by a six-hectare park with statues, fountains, and antiques. The centerpiece of this lovely place is the kitchen.

 7 – Villa Eva- Luxury wedding venue

Villa Eva is located at the highest point of the charming town of Ravello and offers 360-degree views of the coast while being surrounded by 3000 square meters of centenary trees. You have the option of having your ceremony outside or inside the dining room, which has views of the ocean, at this venue for exclusive use. You can use a designated area of the park for cooking and frying for events leading up to the wedding, as well as an open cellar that is perfect for evening beverages. Additionally, there is a soundproofed hall that is perfect for your evening DJ or a live band as well as an outdoor bar with a wood stove for pizza.

8 – Elegant and tranquil Hotel Santa Caterina in Amalfi

The ideal representation of the 19th-century villa’s modern luxury and elegance is the Hotel Santa Caterina. It is close to the Amalfi town center, a well-liked tourist destination with a rich historical legacy. You will be astounded by this hotel’s 19th-century architecture, lovely landscaping, and elegantly furnished rooms and suites with traditional Italian interiors.

Why should I heed a photographer’s advice? simply because we are very familiar with the Amalfi Coast and Ravello’s venues and the amazing people who manage them. So that we can advise on the best style of wedding to accommodate it. All along the Coast, you would also have a variety of facilities and undoubtedly a more genuine and in-depth experience. With your Amalfi Coast Wedding Venues and a subsequent in-depth and unforgettable tourist journey with locals, you will be completely satisfied. for more information, please contact us today!

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